Friday, November 19, 2010

P90X: Day 90 & DONE! And...NEW BLOG!

Hello Friends & Bloggers and Happy Friday!!!

How awesome is it that today is the last day of my P90X program (FINISHED!) and it's FRIDAY?! Fate I tell you! So, I'm officially a P90X Graduate! Woo hoo! It feels awesome!

Final Thoughts on P90X
So I can't believe the full 90-days are up! I remember when I started I was so ready for a change and so unhappy with my body at that point. I mean, I'd always had some version of love handles but these were just OOC (out of control). After seeing the endless P90X informercials and testimonials, I thought why not? Those first 2 weeks were definitely the hardest. I was so out of breath and could hardly finish the workouts...sometimes I didn't. but now I go through most of them pretty easily though still sweat pretty profusely, but it feels good. I feel so much stronger and leaner now which is exactly what i wanted. I'm very happy with the changes I see in my body and the weight loss--down 10 lbs!!. The areas I wanted to improve on, I definitely saw the results in so I'm a satisfied P90X customer! Here's my final Video Diary results & final stats below! Enjoy!!

  • Day 1 - 139 lbs
  • Day 30 - 137.2 lbs
  • Day 60 - 134.6 lbs
  • Day 90 - 129.6 lbs
Life After P90X
Now that the program is over, I have no intentions of letting myself get back to where I was and letting these last 90 days go to waste. The good thing about the program, is it sort of trained my brain to know that I HAVE to get a workout in every day, at least 5-6 days of the week. So I'm programmed to think that way now every day when I get up which will definitely help me moving forward. I'm planning to transition now into more running, biking and some tae-bo videos to change it up a bit. I'm also going to try a Yoga-Booty Ballet dvd set I've had for a couple years but never used (go figure). Then, I'm considering trying the next BeachBody workout program, Insanity. It's a 60-day program and from what I've heard, even more intense than P90X, so I'd love to take that on next! I still have some areas I'd like to work on toning so I don't want to stop now! :) 

New BLOG! - Sincerely, Brit
So when I started this blog, I wasn't really thinking long term and was pretty narrow in my purposes for starting it, which were to document my daily progress with P90X. However, the more entries I've had, the more general they've become and will continue to be now that the program is over. While I will occasionally still be documenting some of my future workouts and any other new programs, it won't be solely focused on that, as this one hasn't either. So, from here out I will be solely using my new blog which can be found at Like I mentioned, it will be a general covering of topics with whatever is going on in my life. So thank you for reading and if you're interested in following my next blog, check it out at the address above!

Thanks again & see ya over @ Sincerely, Brit!

xoxo, brittany nicole

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

P90X: Day 88 & Gobble Gobble Decorations!

Hi Friends & Bloggers!

It's Day 88 of my P90X challenge! Whoop Whoop-Only 2 more days left! Now I plan to take my stats & pics on Friday (Day 90), but I'm sure all you women out there understand how unattractive your body can feel sometimes when your "monthly bill" arrives so I'm not sure if I'll be completely satisfied with pictures or weigh-in that day. So, be advised ahead of time I may not post stats/pic until a few days later. But I'll keep ya posted! :)

Workout of the Day
Today's workout was Kenpo X, similar to Tae-Bo & Kickboxing which I've always enjoyed and this has always been my favorite workout. I love the moves and fast-pace. And today I felt like I pushed myself even harder (if possible?) since I knew it was the last time I'd be doing this workout. 2 more days!

Gobble, Gobble Decorations
Last weekend when I tripped it to Michael's for some last minute items needed for my sis's wedding invites, I also saw a great deal on some frames. And just days before I had seen these great templates on Craftily Ever After. Many of the craft blogs I follow feature seem to feature different versions of these for the various seasons & holidays, so after Thanksgiving is over, I plan on switching these out after with Christmas-y printouts! There were several that I loved and the original posts & printable templates can be found at the following: 
  • Faux-Burlap Thanksgiving Definition - HERE
  • Thanksgiving Subway Art - HERE
  • Keep Calm and Cranberry On - HERE
Any's how they turned out in my apartment! These are so cute & festive and look great sitting out with a simple frame and other holiday decorations!

As for my sis's wedding invites I posted the other day, here's another shot that I think shows the image of Julie & Andrew on the background a little better:

So that's all for today on the workout, decorations & craftiness front! More to come!

P.S. - as a heads up, after I post my final pics/stats for my P90X challenge, I will no longer be using this blog, and will solely be writing on a new one I started for more general purposes called Sincerely, Brit. If you want to subscribe/follow it now before the switch over, the URL is  Thanks!

xoxo, brittany nicole

Monday, November 15, 2010

P90X: Day 86--Final Week is Here!

Hi Friends & Bloggers!

It's Day 86 and my final week of the program! I can't believe it's here already! But I'm super excited to officially complete it and start a new schedule for myself, since I'll be lending my P90X dvd's to a friend of mine for her to try out. :)

Working on my Fitness
Today's workout is Core Synergistics which I love the way that one works my abs, side and back but am actually still sore from last week's workout for some reason? Weird. The lineup for the rest of the week is Kenpo, Stretch, Cardio & Yoga.

Finished my Sis's Wedding Invitations!
So while my boyfriend was in Michigan all weekend for his cousin's wedding, I devoted myself entirely to making & finishing my sister's wedding invitations! Yay! I know I originally posted a pic of what I was planning on doing with them, but after looking at it endlessly and critiquing, I scratched the idea and went with a new one instead. I did a faint picture of Julie & Andrew as the background and incorporated snowflakes since it's right around Christmas & we will have some Christmas decorations at the reception as well. I also included little "two heart" charms on the ribbon for a little something extra. I got a great deal on the cardstock & matching ivory envelopes @ Michael's with a 40% off coupon! Never forget your coupons..they save a lot! I'm heading to the Post Office shortly to send them out! Let me know what you think!

Excited for Family Visit!
Outside my creative outlets and workout regimen, I can hardly contain my excitement that my Mom & Step-Dad will be here in exactly one week! YAY!! They're visiting from MD and are coming to stay with us for 10 days! Woo hoo! They will be gone a couple of the days to visit their rental place in Daytona but for the most part they will be here and I'm super excited to show them around and especially have them here for Thanksgiving. 

Now I could have taken this opportunity to make my first TG dinner all by myself, but my boyfriend & I heard about this offer Bob Evan's has for a Family Feast of all the traditional TG staple dishes to serve 6-8 ppl for about $80 (after taxes). So we'll pick it up Wednesday night and have it ready to warm and serve Thanksgiving afternoon. So instead of spending the whole day cooking, I can wake up early and make a nice big breakfast for everyone, then we can relax & spend time together watching the parade & anything else we want to do! :) It's includes Turkey (or ham..your choice), buttered sweet corn, green beans w/ ham, cranberry relish, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, one dozen rolls, one loaf of pumpkin bread, and one pumpkin pie! Yum-O!! You can order right from their website at and it's called the Farmhouse Feast.

Well that's all for now! Gotta go hit the Post Office then get my workout in...g'ss especially with all that wonderful Thanksgiving food in my near future! Have a wonderful week everyone! :)

xoxo, brittany nicole

Thursday, November 11, 2010

P90X: Day 82..Let the countdown begin!

Hello Friends & Bloggers & Happy Veteran's Day!

So it's Thursday & Day 82...officially 8 days left until Day 90! Woo hoo! It's been a long program but these last 30 days have gone by the fastest. Getting excited about my final weigh in and update pictures and starting to plan my exercise attack for post P90X. 

Remaining Workouts
So this has been the last week of regularly scheduled workout consisting of the usual mix of Cardio, Kenpo, Yoga, and 2-3 days of weight training & abs. Sunday starts the final week of the program which will change it up and consist only of low tempo workouts, eliminating the weight training days. It's said in the books that this is to give the body a chance to recover a little and calm down to wrap up the program. I'm feeling good lately and looking forward to Day 90, just so I can finally say I finished! I doubt I'll see too many more changes in my body over this next/final week but I want to finish up strong.

Brief Bartending Blunder
So as most of you know I've been on the job hunt ever since I moved down here to Florida back in June. Well I'm still applying to jobs online tirelessly, but the other night my boyfriend and I went to a local Steelers bar to watch the Monday night game and the owner asked me if I was looking for a job and if I'd be interested in bartending. I'd waitressed before but never bartended so I thought why not? It's right down the street from our apartment and the crowd didn't look like a bunch of creepers or anything so I thought it might not be bad to try.

However, one of the shots girls called out Tuesday so they had me carrying a tray of test tube shots all night to sell instead of training to bartend. Mind you, this bar is small by any standards and walking around it all night trying to get the same people to buy the same shots is boring and tedious, and since it was poker night, the crowd was much more interested in their games than being hounded all night to buy shots.

Also, a different crowd seemed to roam in from that I'd seen the night before, including much older, biker-type guys. Needless to say, I didn't feel too comfortable for the majority of the night. Blah. Now I'm not stereo-typing biker-type guys, but they were kinda creepy, and weren't shy about staring, and one of them even struck up a conversation with me about Veteran's Day and how my generation has no respect or family values. Great. Thanks a lot sir. It was rude and irritated me because he kept saying "your generation, your generation"... and when I would try to argue that I in fact was raised with excellent family values, he proceed to say "no, I can tell you just don't have the family values and respect I was raised with." Excuse me? Who the hell are you to say that to me? And what automatically gives some of these customers the right to stare and be rude just because I'm there serving them drinks? Ugh..I couldn't wait for the night to end. It just wasn't for me and I did not feel comfortable. There's definitely a difference in being there to hang out on occasion with my boyfriend to have a beer and watch a game compared to actually working there.

So before the night was over I knew I wouldn't be coming back the following night to actually train as definitely wasn't for me. I'm sure many people handle it great, but I don't think I handle the looks, the weird customers, the late hours very well. Oh well..I tried and think it's better that I continue to look for a full time day job and visit the bar for occasional Steelers games only. Cheers!

That's all for now! Hope everyone has some great weekend plans to look forward to and I'll be updating again soon withing the next day or two! :)

xoxo, brittany nicole

PS - forgot to mention how the SeaFest Seafood Festival went last weekend! The band was pretty good and there were plenty of rides and games for kids, but the food was a huge disappointment! Especially since this was the main reason we went! We went to one of the stands and ordered a crab cake and side of veggies and shrimp. This was not a big helping of food by any means so when they said it was $15, we were shocked! haha Seriously? For what we got..this just seemed ridiculous. At first we thought she said $5.50...but nooo...she repeated the $15 and we paid up. So we went to sit down by the band to enjoy the food and were severely disappointed! The crab cake was IMITATION CRAB MEAT! What the hell? I couldn't believe it! Who serves imitation crab cakes at a Seafood Festival??!?! Hello?! Insane! So the crab cake was primarily filler and imitation crab meat. Yuck. My boyfriend can make some mean imitation crab cakes at least with some potatoes and great seasoning, but these were disgusting and I was done after my first bite. Anyway...I'm done my rant. Just wanted to let ya all know how it went since it was such a bust.

Friday, November 5, 2010

P90X: Day 76 & Time to Change with the Season!

Hello Friends & Bloggers and Happy FRIDAY!!

Although I'm still jobless, I still look forward to Fridays! It's human nature right? Well I'm excited for this one because tonight is SeaFest in New Port Richey! It's a festival of allllll types of seafood, carnival rides, games, and live music! All of my favorites rolled into one night! Me & Markus are going as soon as he gets off work so I wanted to get my post in before then. :)

Workout of the Day
Today was my day back on schedule after some time off while out of town. The workout was KenpoX which has been my absolute fave so no problem there. Felt really strong today and am feeling more and more pumped every day because I've noticed such a change in my body lately so I've been even more motivated to keep going! I don't think I've ever felt better! So while this is a long, tedious, kick-ass program, it's definitely worth it and I'm seeing and feeling the results!

Fall is Calling....I picked up
So Fall is definitely here. I know it seems like it's been here since maybe mid October, but here in Florida it's been a little delayed. I'm certainly not complaining either. I love the fact that it could be November and I can head to the pool or go out on the's truly wonderful. However, today we woke up to a cold I only recognize from my trip last week in Maryland. It must have been in the 50s this morning with the wind and all, which is a chilly change from recent 80s. I hurried over to my computer to check in with as fast as I could to see how long this madness would last. Luckily, it's supposed to be in the 60s and 70s most of this week and back up the 80s... thank the Lord!

So anywho, for those who don't know me well, I have liked to frequently change up my hair since probably freshman year of college. this involves cuts, bangs, colors ranging from black, red, brown and blonde. I like it all and enjoy doing it at least twice a year...and typically with the season change. So since I'd been itching for a change the past few weeks, the time had finally come. Thanks to a trip to Walgreens which sealed the deal, I got one of the Clairol 10-minute hair color boxes in Dark Brown, on sale for $8.99 and thanks to Markus's discount, finally purchased for around $7.50. I was a little worried that it was going to be too dark, but I figured it would fade a little anyway so it'd be alright. So far I love it! I've gone dark before but last time was when I had short hair and I think I like it much better dark when it's long. So here's the result:

Me with newly dark hair! PS - found this Polaroid effect on it!
So with my new hair and feeling fall-festive, I tripped it to Goodwill and found some cute new fall/Thanksgiving decorations for our apartment for super cheap! The one on the door makes more noise than I 'd like with the recent wind, but it's tolerable. Check 'em out!:

Gobble, Gobble! We've named him Thomas the Turkey

It's a pumpkin..but still Fall/Thanksgiving-ish!

Well that's all for today! More tomorrow with the workout of the day and how our first SeaFest went! I hope it's filled with deliciousness...haha ok.. have a great Friday!

xoxo, brittany nicole

Thursday, November 4, 2010

P90X: Day 82---Kind of...

Hi Friends & Bloggers!

It's been awhile since my last post but I was super busy last week visiting my family in I'm just now getting a chance to get a post in now that I'm back home and in the swing of things!

This is also the case unfortunately of my workout schedule as of late. I was good at first while at home, going to the gym with my sister the first couple days. But then my days started to get away from me with helping my mom with my sister's wedding planning, taking my niece Hailey to her Science Fair and going to her Halloween parade at school, taking her Trick-or-Treating, playing with my nephew, meeting up with my wonderful college friends...and so on and so on. Excuses Excuses but it was a semi-vacay for me so that's that. I did however stay on track with eating healthy for the majority of my trip which I hope helped compensate for my lack of workouts. Do what you can, right?

So technically today would be Day 82, but I'm adding on 7 more days for the time I've missed. Therefore, I'm going to make today Day 75 and the final day of the program, Day 90, will now be November 19th! So 15 days left everyone! Woo hoo! I'll catch you up more tomorrow on my workouts and those to come for the remainder of the program!

Home for Halloween!
As I mentioned, I went to Maryland for a week to visit my family for a bit! It was a great trip, only it went by extremely too most holidays/vacations do.  High's & Low's of the Week:

High's:  Getting to spend time with my family including my Dad, Step-mom & step-sis who visited, Having lunch with my college friends, taking my niece to her Science Fair and feeling like a kid again, taking my niece and nephew Trick-or-Treating, throwing my niece a Halloween party for her & friends---PS Kids are HILARIOUS dunking their heads violently while bobbing for apples!! haha, and dressing up my sister & I as scarecrows with hats from Goodwill & straw from her front yard hay bales!

Low's:  WVU, Steelers & my Fantasy team losses!! Piss on the weekend in sports for me :/  And of course the cold weather..yuck! Definitely missed my Florida warmth!

 Here's some of the fun that was my past week:

Me & my sis as scarecrows (or farm girls) w/ my niece & nephew

My adorable nephew the "Bear"

This is why I love my mom & step-dad haha

Me & my wonderful friends Donyell & Dannica after our reunion lunch

Well that's all for now! More tomorrow when I pick up my workouts again to wrap up the final 15 days of my P90X program! :) YAY!!

xoxo, brittany nicole

P.S. - Is anyone else a teensy bit sad that Halloween is over? I was for a hot second, then decided to strip my apartment of Halloween decorations and start all over for Thanksgiving! Woo hoo! Gotta love October-December for holidays galore!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

P90X Day 68, Warrior Dash & Bright Lights!

Hello Friends & Bloggers!

It's Day 68.. I can't believe I only 22 days left! I'm feeling super pumped and more motivated to push harder and harder right now and already mentally planning out my attack to continue the training after Day 90. Today's workout was Core Synergistics which went as usual except I was a little sore from running on Tuesday and again this morning.

Warrior Dash!
I wasn't planning on running again today but after Markus and I got up this morning and were talking about maybe going biking or playing tennis, I remembered I wanted to tell him about this awesome race I saw that a friend of mine on Facebook did. So we headed to the website to get more deets and it is so exciting and looks insanely thrilling to us! It's called Warrior Dash and it's a 3.02 mile race compilation of running, trudging through mud & water, leaping over a fire pit, army crawling under barbed wire, crawling over logs in the water...etc. It just looks exhilarating! The website is if you're interested in learning more--definitely recommend watching one of the short videos they have on the homepage that really show what it's like..awesome! So we saw a race in Florida scheduled for January that we want to sign up for. My friend Michelle who just did it said it was probably one of the best times she's ever had and said you should be good to participate as long as you can run 3 miles. No one in the races are really experienced with the obstacles so it's just good, crazy fun! So that motivated us to head out for another run this morning. We only did 2 miles again but it was still a good roughly 8 min/mile pace, so we just have to work up to the final mile. Pretty psyched about possibly doing this race! Anyone else interested?? We'd love to have other people to join!!

Bright Lights, Bright Lights!
The remainder of my morning and afternoon I spent putting up lights on our lanai and working on some stuff for my sister's wedding. I really love the lights out there now and it makes it so bright at night that I hit the switch on my way in tonight thinking I had the porch light on...I was wrong...what a doofus. Here's how it turned out:

That skeleton's got attitude!
 P.S. - before I sign out for the night, I wanted to share a new website/app I started using yesterday compliments of a recommendation from my friend Pam. It's and is super user friendly. You just sign up (Free!), put in your height and starting weight, and finally, your goal weight. Then they'll tell you the date your set to hit your goal based on the recommended calories/day they tell you that it will take. You can easily enter your calories consumed each day and if you're like me and eat a lot of the same types of things day to day, it saves what you entered each day so you can just re-add. I really like this easy app so far and it helps me keep track of what I'm consuming. Also, if you have an iTouch or an iPhone, the app on it for this site is so easy and great to use. I highly recommend giving the site a whirl and see what you think. May not work for everyone, but I find it useful so I wanted to share! Try it out!

All for today! Have a great Friday everyone!

xoxo, brittany nicole