Friday, November 19, 2010

P90X: Day 90 & DONE! And...NEW BLOG!

Hello Friends & Bloggers and Happy Friday!!!

How awesome is it that today is the last day of my P90X program (FINISHED!) and it's FRIDAY?! Fate I tell you! So, I'm officially a P90X Graduate! Woo hoo! It feels awesome!

Final Thoughts on P90X
So I can't believe the full 90-days are up! I remember when I started I was so ready for a change and so unhappy with my body at that point. I mean, I'd always had some version of love handles but these were just OOC (out of control). After seeing the endless P90X informercials and testimonials, I thought why not? Those first 2 weeks were definitely the hardest. I was so out of breath and could hardly finish the workouts...sometimes I didn't. but now I go through most of them pretty easily though still sweat pretty profusely, but it feels good. I feel so much stronger and leaner now which is exactly what i wanted. I'm very happy with the changes I see in my body and the weight loss--down 10 lbs!!. The areas I wanted to improve on, I definitely saw the results in so I'm a satisfied P90X customer! Here's my final Video Diary results & final stats below! Enjoy!!

  • Day 1 - 139 lbs
  • Day 30 - 137.2 lbs
  • Day 60 - 134.6 lbs
  • Day 90 - 129.6 lbs
Life After P90X
Now that the program is over, I have no intentions of letting myself get back to where I was and letting these last 90 days go to waste. The good thing about the program, is it sort of trained my brain to know that I HAVE to get a workout in every day, at least 5-6 days of the week. So I'm programmed to think that way now every day when I get up which will definitely help me moving forward. I'm planning to transition now into more running, biking and some tae-bo videos to change it up a bit. I'm also going to try a Yoga-Booty Ballet dvd set I've had for a couple years but never used (go figure). Then, I'm considering trying the next BeachBody workout program, Insanity. It's a 60-day program and from what I've heard, even more intense than P90X, so I'd love to take that on next! I still have some areas I'd like to work on toning so I don't want to stop now! :) 

New BLOG! - Sincerely, Brit
So when I started this blog, I wasn't really thinking long term and was pretty narrow in my purposes for starting it, which were to document my daily progress with P90X. However, the more entries I've had, the more general they've become and will continue to be now that the program is over. While I will occasionally still be documenting some of my future workouts and any other new programs, it won't be solely focused on that, as this one hasn't either. So, from here out I will be solely using my new blog which can be found at Like I mentioned, it will be a general covering of topics with whatever is going on in my life. So thank you for reading and if you're interested in following my next blog, check it out at the address above!

Thanks again & see ya over @ Sincerely, Brit!

xoxo, brittany nicole


Danielle said...

HOLY CRAP FRIEND! YOU LOOK SO GREAT!! I'm so so proud of you! I can really tell a difference, that's so awesome!

I've already subscribed to your new blog & am looking forward to your next challenge, as well as using it to keep in touch. I miss you!

Brittany Nicole said...

Thanks so much friend! I'm really happy with the results and am looking forward to keeping it up!

And thanks for adding my new blog now too! Excited about that as well!

Miss you!

Rhonda said...

You look awesome. You did great. I need to do something.

Sam said...

Change is alwaya good.. keep up with the new you..